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  1. ad hoc hypothesis - The Skeptic's Dictionary - Skepdic.com


    An ad hoc hypothesis is one created to explain away facts that seem to refute one’s belief or theory. Ad hoc hypotheses are common in paranormal research and in the work of pseudoscientists. For example, ESP researchers have been known to blame the hostile thoughts of onlookers for unconsciously ...

  2. Ad hoc - Wikipedia


    Ad hoc is a Latin phrase meaning literally "for this". In English, it generally signifies a solution designed for a specific problem or task, non-generalizable, and not intended to be able to be adapted to other purposes (compare with a priori).. Common examples are ad hoc committees, and commissions created at the national or international level for a specific task.

  3. Ad hoc - definition of ad hoc by The Free Dictionary


    ad hoc (d hk, hk) adv. For the specific purpose, case, or situation at hand and for no other: a committee formed ad hoc to address the issue of salaries. adj. 1. Formed for or concerned with one specific purpose: an ad hoc compensation committee. 2. Improvised and often impromptu: "This single little incident reveals volumes about the ...

  4. Ad hoc – Wikipedie


    Ad hoc [ad hok] (nkdy psáno ad-hoc) je latinský obrat, znamenající doslova „k tomuto“, pekládaný jako „za uritým úelem“ nebo „pro tento jednotlivý (konkrétní) pípad“.

  5. Bahfest | THE ONE AND ONLY Festival of Bad ad Hoc Hypotheses


    History of BAHFest. BAHFest is the brainchild of sometimes artist, always curmudgeon Zach Weinersmith, the auteur behind SMBC Comics. Inspired by a comic, BAHFest

  6. Fallacies | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy


    Fallacies. A fallacy is a kind of error in reasoning. The list of fallacies below contains 224 names of the most common fallacies, and it provides brief explanations ...

  7. American Academy of Pediatrics: Former Circumcision Policy ...


    The Committee on Fetus and Newborn of the American Academy of Pediatrics stated in 1971 that there are no valid medical indications for circumcision in the neonatal period. The present committee has undertaken a review of data to support arguments "pro" and "con" circumcision of the newborn, and finds no basis for changing this statement.

  8. Some Seriously Funny Science


    Darcia is a Science Writer at Promega. She earned her BS in Secondary Education at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, with minors in Biology and Spanish, and her MS in Biotechnology at the University of Wisconsin Madison.

  9. Logical Fallacies: The Fallacy Files Glossary


    Ad hoc hypothesis An auxilliary hypothesis that lacks independent support which is adopted to save a theory from refutation. Such hypotheses are bad because any theory can be …

  10. Five Ways (Aquinas) - Wikipedia


    Background Need for demonstration of the existence of God. Aquinas did not think the finite human mind could know what God is directly, therefore God's existence is not self-evident to us.