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  1. 3D printing - Wikipedia


    3D printing is any of various processes in which material is joined or solidified under computer control to create a three-dimensional object, with material being added together (such as liquid molecules or powder grains being fused together), typically layer by layer. In the 1990s, 3D printing techniques were considered suitable only for the production of functional or aesthetical prototypes ...

  2. 3D bioprinting of a corneal stroma equivalent - ScienceDirect


    Fig. 2. Using support structure to facilitate the printing of a corneal structure with 3% alginate (nozzle diameter = 200 m) and optimisation of bio-inks for corneal 3D bioprinting.


    www.dhl.com/.../logistics_insights/dhl_trendreport_3dprinting.pdf · Файл PDF

    Powered by DHL Trend Research 3D PRINTING AND THE FUTURE OF SUPPLY CHAINS A DHL perspective on the state of 3D printing and implications for logistics

  4. A global sustainability perspective on 3D printing ...


    Global sustainability aspects of 3DP in manufacturing are assessed in two ways. • 3DP will strongly influence manufacturing in aerospace, medical components, tooling.

  5. 3D Printing: On Its Historical Evolution and the ...

    faculty.poly.edu/~brao/3dppicmet.pdf · Файл PDF

    3D Printing: On Its Historical Evolution and the Implications for Business Elizabeth Matias, Bharat Rao New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering, Technology Management

  6. Wilhelm Imaging Research


    Wilhelm Imaging Research in Grinnell Iowa is an authority on archival and preservation for the photographic, digital, and printing industries.

  7. 3D film - Wikipedia


    The earliest confirmed 3D film shown to an out-of-house audience was The Power of Love, which premiered at the Ambassador Hotel Theater in Los Angeles on 27 September 1922. The camera rig was a product of the film's producer, Harry K. Fairall, and cinematographer Robert F. Elder. It was projected dual-strip in the red/green anaglyph format, making it both the earliest known film that utilized ...

  8. Who’s Who in 3D Printing Electronics | Machine Design


    Although electronic devices have continued to shrink, many people agree that we can’t go much smaller because of the limits of silicon technology. As 3D printing circuits moves from concept to ...

  9. Hyperelastic “bone”: A highly versatile, growth factor ...


    Building better bones. What if we could create custom bone implants that would trigger their own replacement with real bone? Jakus and colleagues have done just this with a promising biomaterial that can be 3D-printed into many shapes and easily deployed in the operating room.

  10. 3D -


    3D3D printingAdditive ManufacturingAM3D 3D