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  1. Alfred Wegener's Hypothesis About Pangaea - ThoughtCo


    Alfred Wegener's Pangaea Hypothesis What You Should Know About the Idea of a Proto-Supercontinent

  2. Alfred Wegener - Wikipedia


    Early life and education. Alfred Wegener was born in Berlin on 1 November 1880 as the youngest of five children in a clergyman's family. His father, Richard Wegener, was a theologian and teacher of classical languages at the Berlinisches Gymnasium zum Grauen Kloster.In 1886 his family purchased a former manor house near Rheinsberg, which they used as a vacation home.

  3. ALFRED WEGENER - Pangaea


    Meteorological Legacy by Stanley David Gedzelman "I freely admit that in formulating the theory [of raindrop formation] I drew quite a lot on Alfred Wegener's ideas." When Tor Bergeron acknowledged his debt to Alfred Wegener he spoke for all meteorologists.

  4. Alfred Wegener's Continental Drift Theory - scientus.org


    Alfred Wegener's Continental Drift Theory. In 1912, Alfred Wegener proposed a theory that the continents had once been joined, and over time had drifted apart.

  5. Continental drift - Wikipedia


    Continental drift is the theory that the Earth's continents have moved over geologic time relative to each other, thus appearing to have "drifted" across the ocean bed. The speculation that continents might have 'drifted' was first put forward by Abraham Ortelius in 1596. The concept was independently and more fully developed by Alfred Wegener in 1912, but his theory was rejected by many for ...

  6. plate tectonics: history of an idea. - UCMP


    Plate Tectonics: The Rocky History of an Idea . Close examination of a globe often results in the observation that most of the continents seem to fit together like a puzzle: the west African coastline seems to snuggle nicely into the east coast of South America and the Caribbean sea; and a similar fit appears across the Pacific.

  7. Alfred Wegener - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...


    Alfred Lothar Wegener (1 November 1880 – 13 November 1930) was a German scientist and meteorologist. He is most notable for his theory of continental drift, which he proposed in 1912. This was the idea that the continents were slowly drifting around the Earth.He also had ideas about why the continents drift, which other scientists thought were impossible.

  8. The Origin of Continents and Oceans (Dover Earth Science ...


    The Origin of Continents and Oceans (Dover Earth Science) and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Learn more

  9. Alfred Wegener: Science, Exploration, and the Theory of ...


    Alfred Wegener: Science, Exploration, and the Theory of Continental Drift [Mott T. Greene] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Alfred Wegener aimed to create a revolution in science which would rank with those of Nicolaus Copernicus and Charles Darwin. After completing his doctoral studies in astronomy at the University of Berlin

  10. Alfred Wegener | Biography, Theory, & Facts | Britannica.com


    Alfred Wegener: Alfred Wegener, German meteorologist and geophysicist who formulated the first complete statement of the continental drift hypothesis. His theory was rejected by most geologists during his lifetime but was resurrected and made a central feature of modern geology as part of the theory of plate tectonics in the 1960s.