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  1. Contact hypothesis - Wikipedia

    • In psychology and other social sciences, the contact hypothesis suggests that intergroup contact under appropriate conditions can effectively reduce prejudice between majority and minority group members. Following WWII and the desegregation of the military and other public institutions, policymakers and social scientists had turned an eye towards the policy implications of interracial contact. Of them, social psychologist Gordon Allport united early research in this vein under intergroup contact
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  2. Gordon Allport’s Contact Hypothesis | Facing History and ...


    Gordon W. Allport is often credited with the development of the contact hypothesis, also known as Intergroup Contact Theory. The premise of Allport’s theory states that under appropriate conditions interpersonal contact is one of the most effective ways to reduce …

  3. The Contact Hypothesis - Understand Prejudice


    The Contact Hypothesis One of the most heavily studied techniques for prejudice reduction is intergroup contact (Hewstone & Brown, 1986). In The Nature of Prejudice, Gordon Allport (1954, p. 281) hypothesized that:

  4. Intergroup Contact Theory: Past, Present, and Future ...

    • 1. written by Jim A. C. Everett 2. edited by Diana Onu In the midst of racial segregation in the U.S.A and the ‘Jim Crow Laws’, Gordon Allport (1954) proposed one of the most important social psychological events of the 20th century, suggesting that contact between members of different groups (under certain conditions) can work to reduce prejudice and intergroup conflict. Indeed, the idea that contact between members of different groups can help to reduce prejudice and improve social relatio...
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  5. INTERGROUP CONTACT THEORY - serendipstudio.org

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    Allport™s Intergroup Contact Hypothesis Allport (1954) held that positive effects of intergroup contact occur only in situations marked by four key conditions: equal group status within the situa-

  6. Contact Hypothesis (SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY) - IResearchNet


    In its simplest form, the contact hypothesis proposes that contact between individuals of different groups will improve relations between them. Over the years since the introduction of the contact hypothesis by Gordon Allport, a long list of optimal conditions to yield improved relations has been forwarded.

  7. Intergroup Contact Theory: Past, Present, and Future

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    Contact is of utmost importance in reducing prejudice and promoting a more tolerant and integrated society and as such is a prime example of the real life applications that psychology can offer the world. The Contact Hypothesis The intergroup contact hypothesis was first …

  8. An Introduction to Gordon Allport’s The Nature of ...


    5/19/2015 · Gordon W. Allport’s The Nature of Prejudice is one of the most influential works ever written in the field of psychology. This short video from Macat explains the key ideas in the work in only a ...

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  9. Intergroup Contact - YouTube


    1/11/2011 · This video is about the contact hypothesis (see Allport, 1954; Brown & Hewstone, 2005; Pettigrew & Tropp, 2006), which states that interactions between members of opposing groups should result in ...

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  10. Contact Hypothesis: Definition, Limitations & Criteria for ...


    6/14/2013 · Contact hypothesis is the belief that contact with another group will reduce prejudice for that group. Many studies, including Sherif's Robbers Cave experiment, have shown that mere contact is not ...

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