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  1. Null Hypothesis Definition and Example


    Null Hypothesis What is the null hypothesis? Below is a definition of the null hypothesis. Null Hypothesis Definition The null hypothesis is the opposite of the alternative

  2. What is a null hypothesis? definition and meaning ...


    A proposition that undergoes verification to determine if it should be accepted or rejected in favor of an alternative proposition. Often the null hypothesis is expressed as "There is no relationship between two quantities.". For example, in market research, the null hypothesis would be "A ten-percent increase in price will not adversely affect the sale of this product."

  3. Null hypothesis - Wikipedia


    The choice of null hypothesis (H 0) and consideration of directionality (see "one-tailed test") is critical.Tailedness of the null-hypothesis test. Consider the question of whether a tossed coin is fair (i.e. that on average it lands heads up 50% of the time) and an experiment where you toss the coin 5 times.

  4. What is an alternative? definition and meaning ...


    One of the two or more ways of achieving the same desired end or goal.An alternative does not have to be a close substitute for the first choice (or other alternatives), or must solve the problem in a particular way. For example, bundling, extensive promotion, lower price, money-back guaranty, special offer, etc., are all alternative ways for achieving the same end: greater sales revenue.

  5. Hypothesis | Definition of Hypothesis by Merriam-Webster


    Choose the Right Synonym for hypothesis. hypothesis, theory, law mean a formula derived by inference from scientific data that explains a principle operating in nature. hypothesis implies insufficient evidence to provide more than a tentative explanation. a hypothesis explaining the extinction of the dinosaurs theory implies a greater range of evidence and greater likelihood of truth.

  6. Statistical hypothesis testing - Wikipedia


    Variations and sub-classes. Statistical hypothesis testing is a key technique of both frequentist inference and Bayesian inference, although the two types of inference have notable differences.Statistical hypothesis tests define a procedure that controls (fixes) the probability of incorrectly deciding that a default position (null hypothesis) is incorrect.

  7. What Is a Scientific Hypothesis? | Definition of Hypothesis


    A scientific hypothesis is the initial building block in the scientific method.Many describe it as an "educated guess," based on prior knowledge and observation.

  8. Glossary of Statistical Terms - Department of Statistics


    Glossary of Statistical Terms You can use the "find" (find in frame, find in page) function in your browser to search the glossary.

  9. Null Hypothesis - Investopedia


    The null hypothesis is the initial statistical claim that the population mean is equivalent to the claimed. For example, assume the average time to cook a specific brand of pasta is 12 minutes.

  10. Null Hypothesis - The Commonly Accepted Hypothesis


    The simplistic definition of the null is as the opposite of the alternative hypothesis, H 1, although the principle is a little more complex than that.. The null hypothesis (H 0) is a hypothesis which the researcher tries to disprove, reject or nullify.. The 'null' often refers to the common view of something, while the alternative hypothesis is what the researcher really thinks is the cause ...