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  1. Breast Cancer Facts & Figures | American Cancer Society


    The American Cancer Society’s Breast Cancer Facts & Figures includes statistics and cancer research facts. These publications are available for free download as full-text PDF files.

  2. Breast Cancer—Patient Version - National Cancer Institute


    Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women after skin cancer. Mammograms can detect breast cancer early, possibly before it has spread. Explore the links on this page to learn more about breast cancer prevention, screening, treatment, statistics, research, clinical trials, and more ...

  3. Exposure to Chemicals in Plastic - breastcancer.org


    Think Pink, Live Green: A Step-by-Step Guide to Reducing Your Risk of Breast Cancer teaches you the biology of breast development and how modern life affects breast ...

  4. Prospective Validation of a 21-Gene Expression Assay in ...


    Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide and in the United States, and it is the leading cause of death from cancer in women worldwide. 1 Prognostic factors for the recurrence of ...

  5. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center - Wikipedia


    The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, also known as Fred Hutch or The Hutch, is a cancer research institute established in 1972 in Seattle, Washington.

  6. Diet facts and evidence | Cancer Research UK


    Research has suggested that eating fruit and vegetables could reduce the risk of mouth, upper throat, larynx and lung cancers [1-4]. Fruit and vegetables contain a wide variety of different nutrients with properties that could make it more difficult for cancer to develop.

  7. Westmead Breast Cancer Institute Australia | Home Page


    Westmead Breast Cancer Institute (BCI) is one of Australia’s leading organisation in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. Linking screening to treatment and expert clinical care, the focus of the BCI is to provide continuity of care for our patients and a coordinated approach to breast cancer care of …

  8. Effect of Three Decades of Screening Mammography on Breast ...


    There are two prerequisites for screening to reduce the rate of death from cancer. 1,2 First, screening must advance the time of diagnosis of cancers that are destined to cause death. Second ...

  9. Princess Margaret Cancer Centre | UHN Research


    The Princess Margaret (PM) Cancer Centre is the largest integrated cancer research, teaching and treatment centre in Canada. Its research institute, formerly known as the Ontario Cancer Institute (OCI), includes internationally recognized researchers, cutting-edge research infrastructure and the Campbell Family Institute for Breast Cancer Research.

  10. Dr. John Bartlett - Ontario Institute for Cancer Research


    Dr. John Bartlett’s research is focused on the development of novel diagnostic approaches to stratified medicine in breast and prostate cancer.